Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A L L E Y W A L T Z 2 0 0 6


The AlleyWaltz is currently seeking proposals from Peterborough-area artists and companies for The AlleyWaltz, to be held during Artsweek Peterborough September 28-30th 2006. The Alley Waltz is designed to inspire invention and innovation among theatre, dance, and performance artists; to develop and introduce diverse audiences to artists working outside of traditional spaces; and to foster the exploration of new ideas in performance creation.

In 2005 The Alley Waltz joined in the first annual Artsweek celebrations and presented five new pieces. For 2006 we are again looking for five new works to be performed over a three day period during Artsweek as follows: one show on Thursday Sept 28, two shows each on Friday Sept 29 and Saturday Sept. 30th. Each piece should be about 10 minutes in length, give or take a few, and will be performed at dusk.

Projects selected to participate in the AlleyWaltz will receive an honourarium of $500, basic technical support and dramaturgical support if needed. Each performance will be situated at a location negotiated between your project director and the Alley Waltz committee along a walking route in downtown Peterborough that winds its way off the main streets: through alleys, parks, parking lots and driveways. Please note - most alleyways and unique spaces are private property and may require the permission of the owners. Audience members are led by a guide in a group along the route, viewing each work in succession.

To assure the project’s success, a member of the AlleyWaltz committee will view the progress of your piece before the performance date. These dates will be scheduled within your rehearsals during July and August. The AlleyWaltz will be included in Artsweek marketing and publicity campaigns, and encourages groups to initiate their own unique promotional activities.

Submission Procedure

We are seeking proposals from:
Performance creators from Peterborough at any stage in their career who are able to demonstrate prior artistic endeavours and a clear artistic mandate;
Performing groups and artists from diverse communities whose work is contemporary in nature;
Artists committed to the development of contemporary, inventive and creative performance-based

The proposal package must include:
· A project description: the who, why, what, where. Identify the artists involved and what each brings to the work. Describe the performance and why you want to do it for the Alley Waltz; what are your artistic goals?. What kind of site does it require? Tell us if you have one in mind, though it is not necessary that you do.

· Your contact information. Contact name and phone #, email address, mailing address

· A budget. We may be able to provide extra financial support beyond the honourarium for pieces requiring extra technical support and/or a large cast of performers.

· Technical resources you have and/or may require. Do you require a sound system or will you provide your own? Please describe how your piece will be lit, i.e.: street lights, flashlights, etc. We can provide a basic amount of portable lighting if needed.

· Support materials, as available and relevant to your proposal, including:

o A script or working document, if available.

o Brief bios or profiles of the key creative artists

o A preference of performance site if any

For more information, call Public Energy at 705-745-1788 or email:

Completed applications can be sent to the above email address or delivered to:

Alley Waltz 2006

c/o Public Energy

PO Box 2319

374 1/2 George Street N.

Peterborough, ON K9J-7Y8



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